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New business ideas. How do they come about? What sparks a concept and how is that thought turned into a viable business? I’m sure there are as many answers to these questions as there are enterprises that have ever been conceived in the world. My story is a long one, but I’ll be brief in this intro. My concept is fundamentally based on the experience of helping my four children go through their teenage years and through the minefield of careers advice. Like every parent, I wanted the best for my kids and for their futures. I soon realised that they were not getting personal guidance through their schools; not through lack of interest from the schools but through the absence of a solid resource to make it easy for the schools to give that guidance. And, to use a cliche, the rest is history. Working Eye was born.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles in this blog. The tenet of the blog is thought leadership. We would like to pull together the many threads of great careers guidance taking place all over the country and consolidate it all in a single place. We’d like to add our own thinking into the mix and build a centre of excellence for careers advice and ideas that will achieve two goals:

  • Help our teenagers understand the world of work and how to fulfil their potential and their aspiraitons
  • Provide a springboard for UK organisations to fill the skills gap that exists in the evolving economies of the world

If we can help create a match between the aspirations of today’s youth and the needs of industry, then we will surely be helping the UK avoid the looming careers crisis caused by skills shortages.

Working Eye is designed to disrupt the traditional careers advice approach. To move away from directional advice for our teenagers and to recognise that they have been brought up in an internet-savvy world. They therefore have almost innate skills in ‘discovery’; they understand how to search and find new information. They are expert at finding places that stimulate their interest and empower them with new ideas. This blog will provide the rationale behind this thinking, this radical approach to a long establish methodology.  

A couple of years back we created a short film aimed at Head Teachers. The idea was to introduce the concept of ‘career discovery’ to the world of education and to offer a route whereby parents and teachers alike could get hold of a treasure trove of information about career choices, job options and the world of work for their children and their students. My deep thanks go to Mark Hoskins, Headmaster at Reed’s Schools in Cobham, for allowing us to use his school as the location for shooting this film. The film is not available for release in the public domain, however, you can view it under a non-disclosure agreement. If you would like to do so, just complete the Contact us form and request access.

Until we hear from you, happy reading and, if you find articles in our blog interesting, then please share.

Peter Cayless is Founder & CEO at Working Eye.