“The most innovative thing to happen in careers advice for years. There’s simply nothing else like it.”

Clive Barnett

Former Headmaster and HM Inspector, Ofsted

It is universally recognised that UK careers advice is broken and needs reinventing, especially for young people.

The Working Eye Career Discovery Platform has been developed and validated through extensive research with teenagers, parents, teachers, careers professionals and academic institutions alike.

With their help and input, it flies in the face of conventional wisdom to radically disrupt the status quo, giving clarity and vision in a fog of confusion. 

 “No-one has ever changed anything by doing more of the same.” Stacey L. Peers

Working Eye Ltd

Our mission: From teenagers through to adults of all ages, our mission is to change careers education from traditional ‘careers advice’ into an empowering AI-driven, multi-media ‘career discovery’ experience.

Poll watch: More than 70% of British parents believe that the school system puts too little emphasis on preparing young people for work.

YouGov/The Times

Peter Cayless, CEO & Founder of Working Eye, explains how Working Eye turns traditional and directive careers advice into a multi-media career discovery experience, using AI through IBM’s watsonx.

Working Eye AI & Machine Learning

Driven by IBM’s world leading AI and Machine Learning platform

In career discovery, only Working Eye has the immense power of IBM Watson.

Developed with business partner IBM, we use leading edge artificial intelligence and deep learning blended with multimedia communication.

Our expertly crafted 3 to 4 minute films will engage and stimulate young people in a way never before conceived, all delivered on the devices they love.

That way, the door is opened to new ways of career discovery as it demystifies the complex decisions of career choices and job options. In fact, it demystifies the whole world of work and the even more challenging, very future of work itself. 

With up-to-the minute films, dynamic infographics and constantly evolving information, all managed through interaction with a friendly chatbot, young people will stay ahead of the game and feel empowered like never before.

Think ‘the Netflix of career discovery with full interactivity’.

The UK Careers Crisis


  • Careers advice in the UK needs re-inventing
  • Ofsted, British Youth Council, CBI all agree
  • Most schools can’t cope
  • Parents feel left behind
  • No recognised destination for help
  • Skills shortages for industry

Skills shortages fuel the crisis

  • The Rail Sector alone predicts their skills shortage will cost them £206 million a year
  • Industry’s focus on STEM subjects alone is not enough
  • 10,000 youngsters needed in UK film industry to meet current demand
  • Creative and media studies currently down by 13%
  • The careers crisis can only be averted by industry targeting much broader career discovery

In our inspection handbook, we offer a clear description of what “good” and “outstanding” careers education is. It stresses, under “leadership and management”, the importance of “high-quality, impartial careers guidance that helps pupils and students to make informed choices about which courses suit their academic needs and aspirations.”

Source: Gatsby Toolkit

Julie Ashton

Senior HM Inspector, Ofsted

The perfect validation score

From the spark of an initial idea, the Working Eye Career Discovery Platform has evolved over several years and through six rounds of independent development research.

Teenagers, parents, current schools careers advisors, and household name corporations, have all had their say.

No wonder then, that the Working Eye platform and career discovery films achieved an immediate 48% parent uptake at a price of just £39 a year.

In final validation consumer panels, they achieved a rarely seen 100% approval rating.

Alison Drury, CEO of independent research consultants ThinkVivid, was moved to say, “There is no doubt that the use of film was fundamental to the achievement of this score. I personally have never seen a 100% achievement before.”

Working Eye is set to take the UK by storm, not least because the proprietary algorithms that link the competencies, desires and aspirations of an individual to the attributes of career choices and job options, are now ‘Patent Pending’.

So even the UK patent office has recognised just how Working Eye will revolutionise careers advice and turn it into a path of personalised career discovery.

The reason we don’t have enough engineers in the country is because no-one knows what an engineer does anymore.

Professor Brian Cox

The abundance of our world-leading creative industries and its talent pipeline is being threatened by the declining numbers of young people taking creative subjects … we must act now to ensure that creative education in schools is available and accessible to all.

Edward Kemp, Director, RADA

In the specially commissioned survey, in which almost 30% of those surveyed were from Black ethnic groups, there was a clear indication that many young people had little knowledge of careers in engineering.

The Hamilton Commission report

Sir Lewis Hamilton

Working Eye for teenagers
Working Eye on top of the world
Working Eye Mechanical Engineer
Working Eye career
Working Eye career
Working Eye Careers

A wealth of knowledge all in one place 

Held in its very own media and knowledge stores, the Working Eye platform hosts everything anyone could wish to know about career choices and thousands of job options.

Navigation couldn’t be easier.

The immense cognitive computing power of IBM Watson will guide the user seamlessly on your path of discovery, while IBM’s own cybersecurity guarantees that all their personal information couldn’t be better protected or held in a safer place.

Privacy is our number one concern and always will be.


Whilst a subscription for Working Eye will be bought by parents, our initial user target is very firmly teenagers.

It is they who have all the decisions to take that will not only determine their own futures, but also that of UK PLC and a solution to the skills shortage that fuels the careers crisis.

What subjects should I focus on? What GCSEs should I take? A levels or BTEC? Apprenticeship or Uni? What jobs are out there?

As soon as we can, we’ll extend the platform to include an adult membership for those looking for a career change. And believe us, there are plenty of them.

We’ll also create a corporate version for the ever increasing numbers of companies and corporations involved in workforce transformation.

Then, of course, we can export the platform in its many variations around the globe, as the problem that Working Eye is solving, is not an issue of the UK alone.

So revenues from membership subscriptions alone, are potentially eye watering.

Accessing the platform.

It couldn’t be easier.

Social media will form the basis of omnichannel access to the Working Eye platform.

An app will be created.

And corporate access to the platform will be through their own portal to help support their staff through the challenging issues of workforce transformation.

Knowledge growth.

Every time a user logs on and uses the platform, there is information and knowledge to be gained.

The demographic and psychographic aggregation of member journeys will inform Machine Learning.

This way, their future journeys within the discovery platform will have ever more relevant outcomes.

The more they use it, the better it gets.

Ever expanding knowledge store and film library.

As the work of work changes, so too will the Working Eye knowledge store. Dynamic infographic cards will be instantly available embodying new information, existing films will be updated and more and more films will be added to the film library.

And as the future of work emerges, so will dynamic infographics and films that tell all.

In the end, Working Eye will become the perfect working partner throughout one’s working life.

Think global, act local.

We already have contacts in the USA, India, Australia and New Zealand ready for talks to export the Working Eye brand to their local markets.

It makes sense to pick the English speaking countries first, but easily executed foreign language versions of the films were carefully considered from the outset.

IBM Watson will provide instant, real time translations of everything on the platform.

So the building of a global brand has been in mind with everything we’ve developed.

There’s certainly a need for a careers platform that provides students with the opportunity to creatively explore and discover careers and the world of work and I wholeheartedly believe that Working Eye achieves this. I absolutely love it!

Dr Claudette Bailey-Morrissey

Careers Leader, Central Foundation Girls' School

I think the genius of the Working Eye website is that it’s not screeds and screeds of words. It’s a visual representation of what a job actually involves.

Jane Marr


I wish we’d had Working Eye before I’d decided on my GCSE subjects.

Pupil, age 15

I never knew Charity was a career. 

Pupil, age 14

Using video brings it to life and helps them feel they are in charge of their own destiny, so it’s a really exciting new resource.

Julie Robinson

CEO, Independent Schools Council

Keeping the right company

Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

How right he was. Working Eye works with partners who are giants in their own field.

For AI and Machine Learning, we work with IBM, utilising the immense power of IBM Watson.

For film footage that we can’t shoot ourselves, we are partnered with Getty Images who own the largest and most comprehensive film footage library in the world.

And in academia, we work with the University of West London, ‘The Career University’.

So if Working Eye is judged purely by the company it keeps, we’re in a very, very good place.

Working Eye Foundation

We practice what we preach

Working Eye has profound social change at its heart. So much so, that we’ll spend our own money to help make it happen.

Funded from revenues, The Working Eye Foundation will ensure that even the most socially and economically challenged will be able to access the entire content of The Career Discovery Platform.

Where necessary, we’ll put it into community centres or youth clubs, in fact anywhere that makes it easy to access.

We’ll even put it into individual homes for free if they qualify under government guidelines or the family is living on Universal Credits.

The vision

Extend to adult cohorts. Expand to export markets. Engage with industry for workforce transformation. Predict jobs of the future. And use virtual reality, the closest thing to work experience without actually being there.

The Working Eye Career Discovery Platform will constantly evolve to become a companion throughout one’s working life.

Not just for this generation, but for generations to come.

Working Eye Vision
University of West London
Getty Images


Why is it a disruptive approach?

Because conventional careers advice today is ‘directional’. It leads young people down a pathway determined by precedent. But today’s students are internet savvy. They have been brought up in a world of discovery. So careers information should allow them the same ‘discovery’ approach that they use every day.

How do you use the platform?

Access to the discovery library is by annual membership.

Does it have educational provenance?

Yes. It has been designed in collaboration with specialists in education and skills. Clive Barnet, former Ofsted Inspector and former Headmaster of Bishop Wordsworth’s School, and Dr Claudette Bailey-Morrissey, Careers Leader, Central Foundation Girls’ School.

How much will it cost for schools?

Nothing. Working Eye membership is paid by parents each year. Working Eye will be made available to participating schools free of charge for use in the library and careers lessons.

What about safeguarding, data protection and privacy?

The Working Eye service is fully compliant with the latest regulations on data protection, GDPR and privacy. Safeguarding and privacy policies are mindful of announcements issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office from time to time to ensure future compliance and safeguarding for children using the service.

Other careers services are free. Why not Working Eye?

Because the quality of the films is so high and the content so rich, that they cannot be made on a shoestring and published at no cost. The films are produced by experts from the worlds of media, film and television and designed to engage, stimulate and motivate teenagers to discover and explore the world of work for themselves. This difference spawns self-motivation, which is so much more powerful than adult directives – the approach taken by other careers products.

Which age group is most appropriate for Working Eye?

We believe that students from Year 7 to Sixth Form will benefit from the Working Eye platform in the first instance. This will be extended to other age groups and to the workplace in the future.

What will platform usage tell us?

Statistical, psychographic and demographic analysis will be used to better understand aspirations and preferences as they relate to the needs of industry and other employers. This will make the Working Eye Career Discovery Platform an evolving body of knowledge and a significant point of reference for building strategies that avoid future skills shortages.

Our Correspondence Address

Flat 1A, 25 Lewes Crescent,

Brighton BN2 1GB, 

United Kingdom