The Founder’s Story

I’ve raised four children and had to guide each of them through subject selection at school, further education and job selection. Each time I was faced with the same problem – no real guidance in school and no single source of knowledge to find out about jobs in areas unfamiliar to me personally.

So one day my wife said “40 years in media and mass communications makes you an expert. Why not use your skills and do something to improve careers advice?”

Because of that I started Working Eye and built a great team of film and creative people – communication specialists. But we needed great technology to make the concept come to life – so I added AI and Deep Learning skills into the team, and we partnered with IBM.

So today we have a fully validated approach and a truly disruptive service in career discovery. Kids love it, parents love it, schools love it and industry loves it.

All we need now is investment to make it a reality and a winner for everyone.

Who is behind Working Eye?

Working Eye

Based in the UK, Working Eye skilfully brings together the mass communication arts of advertising with the cost efficiencies of broadcast media and the very latest AI and cognitive technologies. Supported by educationalists at every level, Working Eye will revolutionise the way in which school pupils, students and existing adult workforces go about career discovery in the ever changing world of work. Working Eye will become a cost effective partner to employers through periods of change, during periods of growth and during business as usual when employee engagement is vital.

Senior Leadership Team

Peter Cayless
Peter Cayless

Founder & CEO

Alan Joenn
Alan Joenn


Steve Carrigan
Med Bukey

Head of Engineering

Working Eye
Chris Tholstrup


Champions, Supporters & Ambassadors

Claudette Bailey-Morrissey
Dr Claudette Bailey-Morrissey

Careers Leader

Clive Barnett
Clive Barnett

Former HM Inspector of Schools, Ofsted

Helen Fospero
Helen Fospero

Journalist & Broadcaster

David Sayer

Former Vice Chair, KPMG

Eva Gross
Eva Gross

Communications Lead

Steve Montgomery
Prof. John Nolan CBE

Professor of Innovation, Past President of ISE, Past Chairman of CIC, Chairman of Nolan Associates

As word spreads about Working Eye, there are more and more supporters and ambassadors championing our cause.

From industry, education and the world of media, we will eventually appoint an ambassador for each of our Career Choice categories to help us spread the word about the many opportunities that exist both now, and in the future, in their own industry or area of expertise.

Not forgetting, of course, the enormous contribution they can also make helping with the furtherment and funding of The Working Eye Foundation.

Our Correspondence Address

Flat 1A, 25 Lewes Crescent,

Brighton BN2 1GB, 

United Kingdom