The Working Eye Career Discovery Platform is an AI-driven approach to careers, education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG). The AI and Deep Learning processes within the platform are unique and are UK patent pending.

Teenagers today are tech savvy. They have grown up in the random world of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more. Their approach to discovery, therefore, tends to be non-hierarchical. They will talk to Alexa or Siri, consume information from images, short videos and infographics, and do so at high speed, anywhere and at any time. They discover things for themselves and in their own way.

Traditional CEIAG does not work that way. It follows a structured pathway developed and refined in a time before the internet had become commercialised. The status quo in CEIAG is often based on an assessment, not always by a careers professional or a psychometric profile, followed by direction to a career category and job options based on precedent. Sometimes, being good at a subject is as far as it goes. Unsurprisingly, rich sources of information are available to support this approach and the National Careers Service alone has huge amounts of hierarchically structured data.

However, there’s far more to successful, rewarding careers than simply following the subject that a teenager happens to be good at, especially as in the future, it is predicted that everyone is likely to have 5 or 6 different careers or jobs throughout their working life.

Career discovery approaches CEIAG from a new angle through the use of the latest technology. Its start point is the aspirations and desires of the individual. What engages, stimulates and motivates the teenager visiting our platform is the primary consideration, at the outset, of their journey. The insights unearthed this way are non-hierarchical, non-linear and are truly empowering.

We have ingested and curated the entire content of the National Careers Service database into the Working Eye platform. Every job description, working practice, skills requirement, salary range, career progression and related job detail is there. The platform will grow continuously to include emerging jobs of the future. Our cognitive assistant (chatbot) helps the discovery platform interpret the true intent of the person looking for information. It discovers the aspirations, desires and preferences of the individual as well as what they’re good at, and uses these attributes to build a unique pathway of self-discovery. No two journeys through the platform will be the same and there are no prescriptive outcomes. The way in which the information is communicated is critical.

Job information is presented through chat dialogue, through expertly crafted films, and through dynamic infographics; the same media mix used by Apple, Google, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

This is career discovery.