There is so much discussion and opinion surrounding Generative AI as a topic, and ChatGPT in particular, that it’s sometimes difficult to know what to believe. One thing for sure is that this amazing technology is the focus of everyone’s attention, from Silicon Valley tech start-ups to governments of the G20 nations, and everything in between. So what does Generative AI mean for career discovery?

Getting answers from accurate and reliable sources

You might think the answer to this question is obvious – just ask ChatGPT about careers and it will deliver chapter and verse before your very eyes. But life is not quite like that, I’m sure you will agree. The problem with this ‘open’ approach is the accuracy and validity of the data used by the Gen AI engine to source your answers.

Let’s make a comparison with medicine today. If you ask a doctor for an opinion, the advice we get will be ‘evidence-based’. It will have been peer-reviewed by qualified individuals and organisations, meaning its accuracy and validity are as good as it gets. Unfortunately, the same is not true of information collated by general purpose AI where data has been digested from every available source, irrespective of its providence. This means that the new tools are great for writing an essay or researching material for a presentation or writing a Best Man speech, but not so good where 100% dependability is essential – like medical option support. And the same is true for many other areas of life.

If Generative AI is supposed to help guide our teenagers into the world of work and their future careers, then surely we need great providence in the data that is used to source the Machine Learning that helps steer young people through the myriad of options that lay before them. Now that’s where Generative AI for the Enterprise comes in. We need the AI and Machine Learning technologies to work on source data that is as valid and as credible as possible. We need to understand and validate these data sources and then use it in a ‘closed’ environment where all data informing our young people is truly reliable.

How the Working Eye Career Discovery platform works

The team at Working Eye is delighted with the moves that IBM has taken is this arena. The core tech of our Career Discovery platform is the IBM Watson suite, and recent improvements in the have strengthened our position. The so-called Granite Foundation Model enables safe AI for the Enterprise. It sets up the bedrock of a platform that has great integrity, provenance, and validity. And we are proud to be associated with this technology.

Forbes covered the latest on in an article published on October 3rd, 2023: IBM’s New Granite Foundation Models Enable Safe Enterprise AI ( Worth reading. It may change your opinion of Generative AI and its future.